Summer Break

by Steve Hatter on June 07, 2021

The arrival of summer and the ongoing post-pandemic return to normalcy marks a blessed milestone in our AGC history! By God’s grace we have been through a lot together in challenging times.

One of the important initiatives we took on in the early uncertainty of the pandemic was to have each of the pastors speak to you regularly in the form of daily blogs. The pastors poured their hearts into actively speaking into the times and culture when in-person meeting opportunities were severely limited. We pray these blogs have positively impacted you since we began writing back in March of 2020.

We now see an opportunity to take a short summer hiatus from daily blogging to give the pastors a much-needed break. Therefore, in consideration of summer schedules and some time-off plans, the daily Pastor’s Blogs will be paused beginning Monday, June 7th, through Friday, August 13th. We plan to restart with daily blogs returning the week of August 16th.

We have received positive reactions about the timing, content, and quality of the pastor’s works, but we are always interested to hear more feedback from our church family so we can continue to hone our skills and better meet church family needs.

Please let us know your ideas and thoughts via the AGC email: , or simply let us know when we see you in church.

In concert with the blogging pause, QuickConnect will also scale back to a once-a-week posting on Tuesdays.

Have a blessed and safe summer and we’ll see you Sunday!

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