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Churches in Alaska face many unique challenges to ministry. But the greatest of these challenges is a lack of biblically trained and equipped pastors. Most men from Alaska live here because they love the state and embrace its challenges. But the options for pastoral training are limited. Some leave the state to attend seminary, but most simply don’t get training.

This is what makes The Master’s Seminary Anchorage so unique. TMS Anchorage represents a partnership between The Master’s Seminary and Anchorage Grace Church for the purpose of bringing the highest quality in seminary training to the state. By combining online classwork, onsite classes taught in-person by local faculty, and two-way live courses taught by TMS professors, men can continue to live and minister in Alaska while earning a fully accredited Master of Divinity degree from The Master’s Seminary. In addition to that, it also presents an opportunity for men from outside the state to come to Alaska to receive seminary training and experience the many ministry possibilities available in the Last Frontier.

The ministry needs in Alaska are great. There are churches throughout the state that need men who are committed to exposition. There are hundreds of villages that need to hear the message of the gospel. TMS Anchorage is poised to be a strategic launching point for pastors and missionaries who embrace the challenges of life in Alaska and want to proclaim God’s Word.

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Is God calling you into full-time ministry? Or perhaps you’ve been a pastor or missionary for some time but recognize the need for additional training. The Master’s Seminary Anchorage Location can get you the training you need for more effective ministry.

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