This series takes a deep dive into one of the most neglected books of the Bible and explores passage by passage its theological and moral implications for God's people, both in the Old Testament as well as the church today.

Introduction to Leviticus (notes)
The Sacrificial System (1:1–2) (notes)
The Burnt Offering (1:3–17) (notes)
The Grain Offering (2:1–16) (notes)
The Peace Offering (3:1–17) (notes)
The Sin Offering (4:1–5:13) (notes)
The Guilt Offering (5:14–6:7) (notes)
Summary of the Sacrificial System (notes)
The Institution of the Priesthood (8:1–10:20) (notes)
Summary of the Priesthood (notes)
The Laws of Purification (11:1–15:33) (notes)
The Day of Atonement (16:1–34) (notes)
The Sanctity of Blood (17:1–16) (notes)
The Sanctity of Marriage (18:1–30) (notes)
The Sanctity of Societal Ethics (19:1–37) (notes)
The Sanctity of Justice (20:1–27) (notes)
The Sanctity of Priests (21:1–22:16) (notes)
The Sanctity of Offerings (22:17–33) (notes)
The Sanctity of Time (23:1–44) (notes)
The Sanctity of the Tabernacle (24:1–9) (notes)
The Sanctity of the Divine Name (24:10–23) (notes)
Further Sabbatical Instructions (25:1–55) (notes)
The Blessings and Curses (26:1–46) (notes)
Vows and Promises (27:1–34) (notes)