Praising God as a Regathered Church

by AGC Pastors/Elder Team on September 01, 2020

If you were able to Livestream Sunday’s Worship Service, you heard Pastor Jeff announce with great excitement that we are planning to re-open for public gathering next Sunday, September 6th!

Praise God that He is providentially directing our path as a corporate church!

Since March 2020, we have personally and corporately experienced the challenges of extreme limitations on meeting under the COVID-19 government mandates. In keeping with Scripture, we have submitted to the governing authorities along the way, while always looking to do the most possible within unpredictably changing guidelines.

We have learned both practical and spiritual lessons since March. We’ve gained confidence in our abilities to manage our spaces and program offerings with health safety protocols. Successfully opening Grace Christian School, with its wide array of daily activities, proves this confidence.

Our experiences have also inspired a deeper understanding of the profound importance of worshipping in song, hearing God’s Word preached, and fellowshipping together, in-person, for those among us who are able to do so without undue risk.

By God’s grace and in His timing, Municipality of Anchorage Emergency Order (EO) 14v2 is in effect as of Monday, 31 August. This order offers significant freedom to boldly return to gathering together.

Therefore, we are planning on holding two worship services in the AGC Auditorium, beginning this coming Sunday. The first service will be at 8:30 AM, and the second at 10:30 AM. Additionally, the 10:30 AM service will be live-streamed for our church family members who desire to participate from home or off campus for health, professional, or practical reasons. We’ll be adding back in equipping/fellowship offerings on Sunday, Sep 13th .

We will not be asking you to reserve a seat as we have with our previous gatherings. Just come to what works best for you and your family! We will not turn anyone away, once our doors are open!

We will be practicing social distancing along with continuing our cleaning and disinfecting protocols. We’ll also be seeking to ensure we know who is here for each service or ministry offering. These measures are in keeping with the latest safety guidelines and all that we have learned since March.

Regarding the topic of masks, we want to stay above the political fray in a God honoring way, while also honoring and respecting one another. We trust you to decide your path, while we all avoid allowing division to thwart our worship.

Look for more details to follow on QuickConnect, and via the AGC website, Facebook and Instagram. We’ll also be shooting a video or two to hopefully answer all of your questions.

Praise God for what He has done!

We cannot wait to see you!!!

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