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October 18, 2019

We are now a few weeks past our “In Good Faith” fundraising event held on Sept. 13, and we are extremely pleased with how God has blessed our initiative to fully acquire the Kissinger Property. In short, we’re off the a strong start! The event was a total success in terms of planning and execution, and to date we have reached a giving and pledge milestone of over $62,000, which is 20% of our final goal of $300,000. Our success so far seems an awesome affirmation we are on the right track. We see current monies raised as a beautiful testimony to the Body of Christ in action. To all who participated in our survey, who helped and/or attended the event, and who have already given or pledged to give toward the Kissinger property, please accept our heartfelt thank you.


The church leadership is in an ongoing conversation with the donor, who is pleased with our progress and remains in support of our one to three-year timeline for full payment. As we have done with past fundraising efforts (i.e., the Auditorium upgrade) we will keep our status visible before the church via media and announcements, as well as through this webpage.


Roughly ten years ago, a generous Christian family wishing to bless Grace Christian School (GCS) acquired the “Kissinger Property” with specific intent to ensure GCS would, in the future, take full ownership of the land for its use. GCS would take ownership of the land once it was able to offer a $300,000 payment for the land and structure. The offer was accepted by the GCS School Board and endorsed by the AGC Board of Elders.

At the time, GCS wished to conduct a fund-raising campaign (to be completed within then years) to fulfill the no-interest, long-term payment. For a variety of reasons, GCS did not raise the funds over the expected ten-year timeline, and the school’s main priority is the completion of the long-planned Phase IV building project, which has already made possible the South Gym.

The AGC Board of Elders believe it is a spiritually, strategically, and practically correct step for Anchorage Grace Church to acquire this property and ensure the AGC-GCS church/school enterprise does not lose out on the opportunity to own this parcel of land.

The timeline for completion is yet undefined, but a reasonable goal is to complete the fund raising within the next three years.


Five Compelling Reasons

Why raise funds to purchase this property? Here are five compelling reasons:

1. Integrity

The AGC-GCS community should make good on its “handshake” with the generous family from ten years ago.

2. Blessing Opportunity

GCS is a ministry of Anchorage Grace Church, and God has mightily blessed the church’s heart and obedience regarding the school for decades. AGC can immediately bless GCS by assuming the Kissinger obligation, thus allowing GCS to proceed with Phase IV unhindered.

3. Immediate Need

AGC established The Master’s Seminary Anchorage in the fall of 2018 with two students. The program has added five more in the last year with more growth expected. The Kissinger Property land and structure will meet an immediate need for seminary student family housing.

4. Faith in the Future

The Elders have sought expertise from within our church family to explore what may be possible for future development of the land. These generous subject matter experts have affirmed that indeed the property can be developed ambitiously in God’s timing. In other words, there are no known roadblacks to the eventual construction of a structure, the scope and scale of whuich God has yet to reveal.

5. Protection

Land in Anchorage is rarely a poor investment, and wise Christian stewards typically seek adjacent lands for strategic development reasons. However, there is also a protection consideration in that land acquisition avoids the potential of a future undesirable neighbor. Church and Christian institutions are wise to consider the protection realities associated with adjacent lands.


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