Youth Ministry

At Anchorage Grace Church, we believe that Junior High and Senior High students are maturing young adults, responsible to God for their sin, called to obey God and their parents, and able through faith to walk in holiness. Yet they live in a world which excuses them from being held accountable for sin under the misguided notion of being in a “transitional period” in their lives commonly referred to as adolescence. But we believe that students can, in fact, learn to think biblically, reject the popular ideology of their culture, and serve their Creator in the days of their youth (Eccl 12:1). For this reason, student ministries, in cooperation with adult and children’s ministries, exist to glorify God by assisting parents in calling students to faith and repentance, and equipping them in the service of Jesus Christ. By training students through precept and example, and holding them accountable for their thoughts and actions, we believe students can and will mature both in their faith and in their responsibility to society. We teach students the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27), so that they may be equipped both to perform good deeds (Galatians 6:10; Tit 2:14; 3:8, 14), and to provide leadership in the church in the years to come (2 Tim 2:2). The youth programs offered at AGC are intended to accomplish these goals.

Equipping Hour

On Sunday mornings, Jr. High and Sr. High youth meet together at 9am for a time of student-led worship, prayer, and biblical teaching in a compelling, chapel-like atmosphere.

Wednesday Evenings

Students meet @ 7:00pm in the south commons for a combined worship followed by separate JH and HS Bible study led by Pete Johnson and Rob Annett.      


“Leaders in Training”

The LIT program is intended to challenge 9th-12th grade students to deepen their walk with God. They go through a two week course where they are instructed in church doctrine, prayerfully seek to find their God given gifts and talents, and further trained to use those talents to serve in leadership roles here at Anchorage Grace Church.      
Pete Johnson

Pete Johnson

Pastor of Christian Education


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