steve hatter

executive PASTOR

M.S. Project Management (University of Alaska, 2010)
M.S. National Security Policy (The United States Naval War College, 2000)
M.A. Political Science (Troy University, 1990)
B.S. Business Administration (Vanderbilt University, 1980)
**Currently enrolled in The Master’s Seminary, Alaska Distance Location, pursuing M.Div.

equipping the saints

The Sound Doctrine class has its beginnings as an Equipping Class focused on the Fundamentals of the Faith curriculum. Since then, it’s grown to become a fellowship group heavily committed to group prayer and studying Scripture with a particular focus on how God’s Word intersects with life and culture.

7/7/24An Overview of the Book of JeremiahGuest SpeakerListen
6/30/24Philippians 1:27-30, Pt. 2PhilippiansListen
6/23/24Philippians 1:27-30, Pt. 1PhilippiansListen
6/16/24Philippians 1:12-18, Pt. 2PhilippiansListen
6/9/24Philippians 2:1-12, Pt. 1PhilippiansListen
5/26/24Philippians 1:1-11, Pt. 5PhilippiansListen
5/19/24Philippians 1:1-11, Pt. 4PhilippiansListen
5/12/24Philippians 1:1-11, Pt. 3PhilippiansListen
4/28/24Philippians 1:1-11, Pt. 2PhilippiansListen
4/21/24Philippians 1:1-11, Pt. 1Listen
4/14/24Introduction to PhilippiansPhilippiansListen
3/24/24A Sneak Peak at the ResurrectionListen
3/17/24Forerunners of the Faith, Pt. 24Forerunners of the FaithListen
2/25/24Forerunners of the Faith, Pt. 23Forerunners of the FaithListen
2/18/24Winning the World at it's Worst, Pt. 4Forerunners of the FaithListen
2/11/24Forerunners of the Faith, Pt. 21Forerunners of the FaithListen
2/4/24Forerunners of the Faith, Pt. 20Forerunners of the FaithListen
1/28/24Forerunners of the Faith, Pt. 19Forerunners of the FaithListen
1/21/24Forerunners of the Faith, Pt. 18Forerunners of the FaithListen
1/14/24Forerunners of the Faith, Pt. 17Forerunners of the FaithListen
1/14/24Forerunners of the Faith, Pt. 17Forerunners of the FaithListen
12/31/23Forerunners of the Faith, Pt. 15Forerunners of the FaithListen
12/17/23Forerunners of the Faith, Pt. 13Forerunners of the FaithListen
12/10/23Forerunners of the Faith, Pt. 12Forerunners of the FaithListen
11/26/23Forerunners of the Faith, Pt. 11Forerunners of the FaithListen
11/19/23Forerunners of the Faith, Pt. 10Forerunners of the FaithListen
11/5/23Forerunners of the Faith, Pt. 8Forerunners of the FaithListen
10/29/23Forerunners of the Faith, Pt. 7Forerunners of the FaithListen
10/22/23Forerunners of the Faith, Pt. 6Forerunners of the FaithListen
10/15/23Forerunners of the Faith, Pt. 5Forerunners of the FaithListen
10/1/23Forerunners of the Faith, Pt. 4Forerunners of the FaithListen
9/24/23Forerunners of the Faith, Pt. 3Forerunners of the FaithListen
9/3/23Romans 16:1-27RomansListen
8/27/23Romans 15:14-33, Pt. 2RomansListen
8/20/23Romans 15:14-33RomansListen
8/6/23Romans 15:1-7RomansListen
7/30/23Romans 14:13-23RomansListen
7/16/23Romans 13:8-14, Pt. 2RomansListen
6/18/23Romans 13:1-7, Pt. 3RomansListen
5/21/23Romans 13:1-7, Pt. 2RomansListen
5/14/23Romans 13:1-7, Pt. 1RomansListen
4/23/23Romans 12:9-21, Pt. 2RomansListen
4/2/23Romans 12:3-8, Pt. 3RomansListen
3/26/23Romans 12:3-8, Pt. 2RomansListen
3/19/23Romans 12:3-8RomansListen
3/12/23Romans 12:1-2RomansListen
2/19/23Romans 11:11-24, Pt. 2RomansListen
2/12/23Romans 11:11-24, Pt. 1RomansListen
1/29/23Romans 11:1-10, Pt. 3RomansListen
1/15/23Romans 11:1-10, Pt. 1RomansListen
1/8/23Romans 10:19-21RomansListen
12/18/22Romans 10:11-18, Pt. 3RomansListen
12/11/22What Does It Mean to Be Safe?RomansListen
12/4/22Romans 10:11-18, Pt. 2RomansListen
11/27/22Romans 10:11-18, Pt. 1RomansListen
11/13/22Romans 10:4-11, Pt. 3RomansListen
10/30/22Romans 10:4-11, Pt. 2RomansListen
10/23/22Romans 10:4-11, Pt. 1RomansListen
10/16/22Romans 9:25-10:4, Pt. 3RomansListen
10/9/22Romans 9:25-10:4, Pt. 2RomansListen
10/2/22Romans 9:25-10:4, Pt. 1RomansListen
9/25/22Romans 9:14-24, Pt. 4RomansListen
9/18/22Romans 9:14-24, Pt. 3RomansListen
9/11/22Romans 9:14-24, Pt. 2RomansListen
9/4/22Romans 9:14-24, Pt. 1RomansListen
8/14/22Romans 9:6-13, Pt. 1RomansListen
7/31/22Romans 9:1-3RomansListen
7/24/22Romans 9-11: An IntroductionRomansListen
7/17/22Romans 8:32-39RomansListen
6/19/22Romans 8:28-30, Pt. 4RomansListen
6/12/22Romans 8:28-30, Pt. 3RomansListen
6/5/22Romans 8:28-30, Pt. 2RomansListen
5/22/22Romans 8:28-30RomansListen
5/15/22Romans 8:18-27, Pt. 2RomansListen
5/8/22Romans 8:18-27RomansListen
4/10/22Romans 8:5-17RomansListen
4/3/22Romans 8:5-11RomansListen
3/27/22Romans 8:1-4, Pt. 4RomansListen
2/27/22Romans 8:1-4, Pt. 2RomansListen
2/20/22Romans 8:1-4, Pt. 1RomansListen
2/13/22Romans 7:14-25, Pt. 2RomansListen
2/6/22Romans 7:14-25RomansListen
1/23/22Romans 7:7-13, Pt. 3RomansListen
12/12/21Romans 7:7-13RomansListen
12/5/21Romans 7:1-6RomansListen
11/21/21Romans 6:15-22, Pt. 2RomansListen
11/14/21Romans 6:15-22, Pt. 1RomansListen
10/31/21Romans 6:3-14, Pt. 3RomansListen
10/24/21Romans 6:3-14, Pt. 2RomansListen
10/17/21Romans 6:3-14RomansListen
10/3/21Romans 6:2RomansListen
9/19/21Romans 5:12-21, Pt. 3RomansListen
9/12/21Romans 5:12-21, Pt. 2RomansListen
8/29/21Romans 5:1-11, Pt. 2RomansListen
8/15/21Romans 5:1-11, Pt. 1RomansListen
7/25/21Romans 4:17-25RomansListen
7/18/21Romans 4:1-16, Pt. 2RomansListen
6/20/21Romans 4:1-16RomansListen
6/13/21Romans 3:27-31RomansListen
6/6/21Romans 3:21-26RomansListen
5/30/21Romans 3:9-20RomansListen
5/23/21Romans 3:1-8RomansListen
5/16/21Romans 2:25-29RomansListen
4/25/21Romans 2:17-24RomansListen
4/18/21Romans 2:17ffRomansListen
4/4/21Romans 2:6-16RomansListen
3/28/21Romans 2:1-5RomansListen
3/21/21Romans 1:31-32RomansListen
3/14/21Romans 1:28-29RomansListen
2/28/21Romans 8:26-27RomansListen
2/21/21Romans 1:18-25RomansListen
2/14/21Romans 1:18RomansListen
2/7/21Romans 1:17RomansListen
1/31/21Romans 1:16-17RomansListen